Thursday, July 2, 2009

To Do or not To Do List

Woman. Mom. Wife. Writer. Entrepreneur. Volunteer, and on and on and women out there know what it means to have a ton on your plate. Sometimes it's really hard to balance all of these roles, especially when they topple all over each other at the same time! I have been looking for a tool to help me not feel so overwhelmed when things get busy (which is all the time, right?). I have always been a "lister", I even have "make more lists" written on my to do list! I like the feeling I get when I get to scratch something off the list. I like it so much, that when I am sitting down to make my list initially, if I've already completed a task not on the list I will add it just so I can scratch it off!

You can see why I have been thinking to do lists might not be the most productive tool for me, no matter how gratifying. to Google. I came across an article by Jim Bird, President of and loved one of the things I read. Instead of making a to do list...ask the question "when am I going to do this?", then take that item, pick a time slot on your calendar, and insert it. It spreads out the work load, already gives me a sense of taking action because I suddenly know WHEN I am actually going to find the time to complete the task. I love this idea. It makes me think all of the things on my list are validated and deserve their own time and consideration. I'm going to give it a hard as it may be to give up my "list". Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes.

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