Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sports For Chicks: So Much Delectable Goodness

This weekend is just a drippy dollup of sporty goodness with treats so tasty the likes of which will keep those tasks mundane undone, and those required completed between crucial sets, jumps and plays.

Oh I dream of these kinds of sport-gushing weekends!  First and foremost, the pinnacle of them all, later today we will watch the NFC and AFC Championships for the NFL.  Between the Jets and the Colts, I'll be happy either way.  It'd be nice to have the Jets win because its been like--forever--since they were even in the playoffs.  But then there is Peyton manning of the Colts, who is always in the playoffs...but, I just love him and wouldn't be at all upset to see him go to the Super Bowl.  Now, lets talk about the Saints vs. Vikings game.  For those of you who follow me (thank you!) you know I'm a Brett Favre girl.  He's forty and fabulous and has put the victory back in Vikings.  I say "GO VIKINGS!".

But all of that excitement is still to come.  What, pray tell, has been so delectable up to this point?  Well the Australian Open is in full swing and is absolutely beautiful to watch.  Rafael Nadal beat Karlovic late last night and moves on to quarterfinals.  The gorgeous Federer is still in and so is American Andy Roddick.  On the ladies'  side...Serena and Venus play today.  A funny note...Venus decided to wear flesh colored underwear under her skirt and sent the  media into a frenzy thinking she was flashing the crowd.  Funny.

And finally, because I'm a chick, I gotta mention the U.S. Figure Skating Championships!  The Vancouver Olympics are right around the corner and this weekend decides who competes.  Late last night, Rachel Flats took Gold, Mirai Nagasu took Silver, and Ashley Wagner will be the Olympic alternate with her bronze.  Mens finals tonight. 

What Got To me Today: Stupid Internet Rumors

Give me a flippin' break!  Wake up call for people who get their news from Twitter...check the facts with REAL news institutions before spreading the news on social media!

  It's true, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc...are a great way to become fans of your favorite newspapers and news shows to get legitimate information.  For example, I am fans of, The Saline Reporter, and many legitimate local publications.  I like this arrangement because the headlines come right to my home page.

So this is just a reminder to use social media in a way that is helpful, not setting ignition to the fire.  Like this morning, a family member posted a rumor she'd heard --but with a question mark-- for someone to please clarify.  Sure enough (and this is the best thing about social networks) someone disputed the rumor, supplied a link with proof that it was just a rumor, thus end of rumor.  Thank you to said family member and friends.

We all love our social media outlets, I know I do.  Just remember all news info should be backed up by legitimate sources, at least two.