Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Got To me Today: Stupid Internet Rumors

Give me a flippin' break!  Wake up call for people who get their news from Twitter...check the facts with REAL news institutions before spreading the news on social media!

  It's true, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc...are a great way to become fans of your favorite newspapers and news shows to get legitimate information.  For example, I am fans of, The Saline Reporter, and many legitimate local publications.  I like this arrangement because the headlines come right to my home page.

So this is just a reminder to use social media in a way that is helpful, not setting ignition to the fire.  Like this morning, a family member posted a rumor she'd heard --but with a question mark-- for someone to please clarify.  Sure enough (and this is the best thing about social networks) someone disputed the rumor, supplied a link with proof that it was just a rumor, thus end of rumor.  Thank you to said family member and friends.

We all love our social media outlets, I know I do.  Just remember all news info should be backed up by legitimate sources, at least two.

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