Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sports For Chicks: Favre Gushing

Okay ladies, football is my sport and the Lions are my team, BUT---Brett Favre is my Quarterback.  Today I will shamelessly gush over the one and only Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings, as he wins yet another playoff game.  Today he had 15 completions out of 24 attempts, threw for 234 yards, 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.  Then after the big win, he embraced Tony Romo (young Dallas QB) and the words they exchanged were, no doubt, full of respect and encouragement from a legend to a promising up and comer.  Favre is like that, all class and character. The man is a masterpiece.  Gimme a flippin' B...

B--best ever, beautiful too
R--reliable and ready every time
E--energized and energizing
T--tried, tested and talented
T--tight-ended  (hey, I only speak the truth)

F--fit, fine and forty--yep, forty!
A--able, agile and awesomely accurate
V--va va va voom...(can't help it, sorry)
R--respectable, retired-then-reactivated!
E--extremely exciting to watch

If they are down in the first half, he brings them back.  If he takes a hard hit, he pops right back.  Hell, he retires and he comes right back!  Everyone was so angry in Green Bay and across the country when he came out of retirement and played for another team.  They said, "what a shame", "he should know when to quit", "he should've gone out while he was on top" and "he's too old!".

Let me tell you ladies (and gents too), today he had four touchdown passes against the supposedly unstoppable Dallas Cowboy defense and he and his Vikings are on their way to the NFC Championship in New Orleans, one step closer to the Super Bowl.  Not only is he back, he's on top with one of the best seasons of his career.  Oh, and old?  Life begins at 40 baby, haven't you heard?

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