Friday, February 19, 2010

What Got To Me Today (last night)? COMCAST Interrupting Olympics

I've just about had it with Comcast.  Last night during the Olympic coverage, after we've waited all night for our U.S. Gold Medal contender Evan Lycocek to perform, just as he's about to do the most difficult jump of his program...Comcast breaks in for an Emergency Broadcasting Test.  Yep, at 11:15 pm.

Why at 11:15?  Why during Olympic coverage?  Even if Olympics weren't on it would have been in the middle of Breaking News during the nightly newscast.  Why not 3:15 am or 4:45 am? 

I don't get it.  I have worked in radio.  I know all about EBT's.  What I don't know is who is making the flipping decision as to when to run them?  Whoever it is needs a wake up call...a very early, inconvenient, interrupting, loud, buzzing, obnoxious wake up call.


  1. Hey April
    This happened to us too in Michigan. I bitched about it in my blog and Comcast actually contacted me saying that the FCC made them do it. Yeah, but they have some disgression...

  2. Thanks Sue,
    I think that is a cop out. Obviously they have to do it bu I'm sure they can schedule at a different time. Thanks for taking action on it! I'll read your blog!