Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Review of Sorts: The Way We Were 1974

I know, I know,  what the heck am I doing reviewing a movie that had it's 25th Anniversary Edition formatted in 1999?  On VHS!!  Well, truth be told, I was strolling around the Saline District Library and saw the title.  I had always heard about "The Way We Were", and of course I knew the theme song sung by Barbra Streisand.  I knew she and Robert Redford were the stars and I figured it was just a really good romance, chick flick.

Well, was I ever pleasantly surprised!  Yes it is a romance, but with a lot of substance!  For those of you readers who know me, you probably know at least two of my passions: writing (no-brainer there) and politics.  This movie has them both in spades.  As a matter of fact, he, Hubbell Gardiner (Redford) is a writer, and she, Katie Morosky (Streisand) is an activist/writer for radio. And kudos to selecting the name "Hubbell". What a cool name for a beefy and sensitive guy, and it rolls well off of Streisand's tongue whether she is crying it, laughing it or yelling it.

Hubbell and Katie are truly opposites, and have this incredible roller coaster relationship in the 1940's, amongst all that goes with that time, as quoted on the movie jacket, "foreign war, domestic prosperity and McCarthy-era paranoia in Hollywood."  For those who aren't into politics, no worries, it is not in-depth enough to be boring or a distraction.  The relationship itself is a classic one, that mirrors the relationships we all have had, and I'm sure some people still have in current day.

I love this movie, and Redford never looked better! (Seriously!)  Streisand is beautiful and the storyline just as attractive. I recommend it highly.  Not only is it a good movie, but it is a kind of motion picture history that I hope doesn't get lost among the archives. It is worth renting, I'll probably find a way to own it.  The best way to view it though is for free, from your District Library.  Enjoy!

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