Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Limbaugh shouldn't joke about hungry kids-What Got To Me Today

Okay, for the most part I don't blog here much about politics.  I might write about something that is the result of politics...but that is about it.  This, of course, isn't because I'm not passionate about all things political (I'm actually a bit of a political junkie) but I don't push it here because you guys don't come here to hear me rant about that stuff.  I should probably start another blog about my lefty views, but that is a whole other project.

All that being said, means I don't ever talk about Rush Limbaugh.   This is why:  in full disclosure, I loathe him. Eww...I don't even like to see his photo here on my pretty blog! I go out of my way not to give him any extra press.  So why this time?  I just can't sit here and let this one go.  On June 16th, he aired a show that was lower than his usual sluggy self. 

As I say often, you guys know I write a lot about hunger in our neighborhoods, cities and U.S.  I write about ways to help fight it, about the people who are champions at helping fight it, and about hunger awareness.  Here in our small city, there are about 100 families with kids who use Social Services for food, and that's not counting the ones who sneak off to the larger food banks hoping no one will notice.  Hunger is a huge epidemic in this country, and more and more it is families with children.  Summer time is worse, because kids who usually rely on free and discount school breakfasts and lunches don't get them when school is out.  Well, Mr. Limbaugh has an opinion about this issue and I don't like it. 

Limbaugh laughs up a new segment he wants to start about how to help kids find food, because if the parents "just can sit around and let their kids starve", somebody's got to help these poor kids out right?  Rush jokes that they should try their refrigerator?  Or this thing in a house called a kitchen?  Then of course, they could watch a video about the proper ways to dumpster dive to find something nutritious, even though they might have to compete "with homeless people there". head is exploding!

I know parents who don't eat so that their kids can.  I know of refrigerators in "things called kitchens" that are incessantly empty. I know that food banks can't keep enough food on the shelves and soup kitchens are standing room only.  I can't believe anyone would make jokes about hungry people in our country.  It is cruel and irresponsible and practiacally un-American! 

Rush Limbaugh has got to be one of the most clueless people on this planet.  He lives in a world where he is never hungry (obviously), he is surrounded by cronies so the opposition can't hurt him, he has so much money he could feed millions.  If he spent half the money he spends on ego feeding and oxycoten, perhaps he could help wipout hunger entirely...he could at least set all the food banks in this country up for a year or two.

I wonder what Rush would do if he suddenly had no access to food?  You think he'd go near a dumpster?  I doubt it.


  1. Good article, Rush really just likes to rant on and on about stuff he doesn't really know about. Pay Per Head