Friday, July 16, 2010

Food Review: Now that is a pulled pork sandwich!

It is true I have never done a food review.  I love to eat and I watch a lot of those cooking shows but am hardly a "foodie".  I cook for my family every night,  am constantly looking for healthier, tastier options to try, and have learned why certain cravings pop up unexpectedly.

  Chocolate for celebration, salt when I'm ticked off.

Sometimes I just don't want to cook.  When that happens, either my husband "cooks" which means Chinese take-out or a quick call to the pizza delivery guy, or we get the family together and take a trip to our favorite local yummerie, the Brecon Grille in Saline.

I'm not going to go on about the entire menu, the ambiance, the fact that we genuinely like the family who owns the place or the people who hang out'll have to check that out for yourself.  I'm not going to elaborate on the award-winning seafood chowder served hot and chunky in a mug every Friday night.  I'm going to talk about what I think is the absolutely yummiest, comfiest, heartiest sandwich on the menu--BG's version of the Pulled Pork Sandwich.

I'm not sure why I'm such a fan of this type of sandwich, maybe it's my upbringing where it was prepared quite a bit.  Nowhere and at no time, however, had I found pulled pork perfection, until I tried this most awesome sandwich, whipped up at the BG by Nick (the man in the kitchen), overseen of course, by Paul, the owner.

Again, I'm not a culinary expert so I probably won't use terminology like that of trained professionals-but I'll do my best.  This giant sandwich is PILED high with the most tender shredded pork, smothered in just the right blend of sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, and topped off with slaw ( a recipe in itself) and shredded cheddar cheeses, sharp and perfect. It is served on an equally giant, warm onion roll, and it is so full of soft and mushy goodness that I prefer to eat it with a not to risk losing any of it onto my blouse.  I choose to pair it with sweet potato fries. These are served with a Bistro sauce, which has just the mildest kick of horseradish in it...the perfect spicy compliment to the sweet and smoky sandwich.  Wash it down with a coke or one of BG's icy brews and it is the perfect way to settle into the rest of your evening (or afternoon if you're having it for lunch).

So this sandwich has become my guilty pleasure.  I made a slight mention of it in one of my previous articles this month,  promoting the Bid for a Cure event, and have since had several inquiries so I thought I'd better elaborate on the subject.  If you are a fan of this kind of fare...wander over to the Brecon Grille in downtown Saline, 101 West Michigan Ave.  Tell them April sent you...and then let me know what you think!

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