Friday, July 2, 2010

Sports For Chicks: Courts heat up at Wimbledon

Okay so things are crazy enough when Roger Federer doesn't make it to the semi- finals.  He was beaten in the quarter finals by Berdych, ranked twelfth in the world, from the Czech Republic.  Well, now that Berdych has also beat out Djokovic from Serbia, he will face my Rafa (you may know him as Rafael Nadal from Spain) in the finals on Sunday. This is going to be some crazy good tennis!

Can you imagine the hype going on in the Czech Republic this weekend?  Holy cats...this guy has a shot to beat the number one and two ranked, hottest tennis celebrities of the day all in one tournament.  I can't wait to see this match!  Typically, I am one to root for the underdog...but not this time.  I'm a true Rafa fan and will be cheering him on, especially after his rough season last year. 

As for the ladies...Serena Williams, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful women in sports.  She is just a mountain of strength, agility, speed, talent and personality...and she looks fashionable while she's at it!  She was wearing a bolero jacket over her tennis dress, which were both white, with red shorts underneath...she looked fabulous!  Who else dresses that well while competing?  Her sister, Venus, of course.

Serena will face Vera Zvonareva of Russia (ranked 21) in the finals tomorrow.

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