Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sports For Chicks: Nadal at his best!

I have to say it wasn't the most exciting match I've ever watched, but still worth  watching...(hello, it is Rafa we're talking about...I think I'd watch him playing Scrabble!). Anyway, he swept three games out of five to beat Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic.

Berdych has a mean serve, and I think that is what kept him in the game at all.  I think the match seemed less dramatic because of those serves, there wasn't a lot of volleying or breathtaking shots like we've become accustomed to when we watch Nadal and Federer or even Nadal and Roddick.  Nonetheless, it was a nice way to wind down Wimbledon (women's doubles are still in progress).

Bring on New York and the U.S. Open.  Nadal commented he is looking forward to the match, as he has never won a U.S. Open Title.  I am looking forward to seeing Federer back out there.  Unlike some of the commentators on NBC, I do not believe Federer is on his way out.  I predict Nadal and Federer in the finals in New York.

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