Saturday, January 8, 2011

Little Dresses For Africa are What Got to Me Today

I have a new hero to add to my growing list of awesome people doing amazing things on our planet.  Last 
night I was watching the Nightly News with Brian Williams and learned about a woman right here in Michigan who saw a need, and made a decision to help fix it.

Rachel O'Neill lives in Woodhaven (Brownstown Twp.).  While visiting Africa on a mission, she noticed that so many of the little girls there had mere scraps to wear for clothing.  One child might have one single outfit , to wear again and again and again.  Well, thankfully for thousands of little girls, this particular fact kep tugging at Mrs. O'Neill's heart, and she found a way to do something about it.

Little Dresses For Africa is a non-profit organization that makes little girl's dresses out of pillowcases.  Pillowcases!  In four easy steps, which O'Neill gives on her website, just about anyone can change a pillowcase into something colorful, frilly, girlie and NEW for a little girl who has never had ANYTHING new and all her own.  More importantly, these little dresses help instill a feeling of worthiness to the girls who wear them.

O'Neill's organization is growing at a record pace, thanks to a lot of media attention and national coverage.  Individuals and groups from all over the U.S. are having "sewing parties" and sending them to Woodhaven, MI for distribution.  To date, more than 120,000 dresses have been shipped to several different countries in Africa. not to leave the little boys out, Little Dresses For Africa also makes "Britches for boys" shorts.  How awesome is that?

I'm just blown away by Rachel O'Neill and the lesson she teaches us, and the simplicity of her mission.  One person.  One idea.  Endless results. Mega kudos to Little Dresses.  Anyone can help by sewing or donating.  Here is the website:

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