Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sports For Chicks. This Chicks Passion For Football

Today wraps up the last day of the regular season for NFL Football.  If you've never taken a moment to appreciate football--I suggest you do.  It's got drama, excitement, suspense, speed and leading men, baby!  Once you're with a team (for me it's the LIONS) a bond is formed between team and fan and there's no looking back, you'll be hooked.

Nothing is like the final play for the win, with 11 seconds on the clock, the ball snaps, the QB's got it, the offensive line does everything they can to keep the defense from clobbering your guy, 8 seconds, 7, the receiver in a mad sprint down field, chased down by two beefy villains panting behind him!  Finally, 4 seconds, the ball is in the air, the receiver is at the 5 yard line, the 4, the ball drops into his hands, it topples, he almost drops it!  The villain tips it, they both are reaching for it, still bobbling, their huge bodies (big beefy guy bodies) collide and their massive legs trip each other up.  They fall together hard into the end zone, no ball in sight.  Two huge men bounce off the turf, the whistle blows, no more clock.  Who will come up with the ball?  Can it get more exciting?

  Yes, it can!  You see the ball--your guy has it!  Complete pass. TOUCHDOWN!  He stands, he growls, he slams the ball to the ground in victory.  The crowd is deafening and on their feet--and you are too--off the couch, a high five to your kids, a victory kiss with your husband.  You're exhilarated, there are tears in your eyes.  Yes!  The underdog proves triumphant, pride abounds both on the field and in the suburbs in your living room.

It's true, the LIONS had a rough season, but it was better than the last, and for that I am grateful.  For now my LIONS blue nail polish will retire until next season, but until then, my roar will be loud enough to be heard from the burbs, through to next August, when my big beefy guys take to the practice field in Allen Park.

And just because my team is out, doesn't mean I've lost interest.  Now it's the NFL Playoffs baby!  Right now I'm behind the Vikings---Go Brett! (Brett Favre for those of you who don't follow)  Prove to everyone that your fountain of youth does  exist and their is still athletic greatness at 40!

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