Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Got To Me Today? Backwards Thinking

Okay people, enough is enough.  Here we are in 2010, the beginning of a new decade, nothing but new possibilities on the horizon.  Sure, there are challenges ahead with everything from the economy to H1N1 to terrorism, but with every challenge comes an opportunity to overcome it.

All I see, all I read, everywhere I look, much that I hear is talking about the "Decade From Hell 2000-2010".  I get it.  A lot of things did suck in that ten year span. I don't deny it.  I am not ignorant of it. I'm not all "rosy-colored glasses no matter what" about it.  But-- I believe we have studied the sucky outcomes.  I believe we have learned from some of them, and some of them we are still learning from.  With the exception of this learning process, I believe they are behind us.  Let's focus a little more forward, shall we?

As one of my favorite quotes says (and yes, I know it's from Disney's The Goofy Movie) "You're makin' me dizzy with your downward spiral..."

This doesn't mean we will forget.  We will never forget the losses and the tragedies.  We will honor all that was sacrificed.  That said, lets do the honorable thing and move forward.

I am not saying "Quit whining and make a better life!" because that would be totally lacking compassion and not in my character at all.  What I am saying is this:

  • We have the power to make better choices for ourselves and the world we live in.
  • Only we can choose how we feel, how we react and respond.  Nobody else has the power to do this for us.
  • We decide how to contribute to society.

Think about this, seriously.

If we all make better decisions, do the right thing, show kindness and compassion,  move in the right direction, just think of the forward motion we will create.

As I always say...onward and upward.

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